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MJ Designs are here to cater for your design needs. We are qualifed interior designers who have a passion for    designing spaces. It is our aim to bring a great change to your way of living or working and that comes from MJ    Designs creating a unique space just for you.   

Our Mission

You can trust MJ Designs to give you a full design service and project manage your journey. We are extremely serious about our interior design business and treat our clients in a highly professional manner.

MJ Designs view every contract as an important project irrelevant of the size.

Our Story

MJ Designs have a creative aim which will benefit those who are eager to live or work in their dream surroundings.

The story begins...

MJ Designs will commence your journey with how you expect to use your space, who would be using the space and what type of experience you would like to feel as you make use of your new space.

We will provide you with elevations and sections of the proposed building. This gives us the correct dimensions that we will then work with.

MJ Designs are able to design the interiors of restaurants, bars, offices, residential, hospitals, churches and any other space.

A floor plan is then made of the proposed layout of your new space. This will give you a clearer indication of how your space can be utilised.

Some spaces may require interior styling and decoration, therefore, MJ Designs will make suggestions on how your space could look aesthetically pleasing according to your individual style.

Story Part 2

You will be able to visualise your space in 3D design. Thus, giving you a better idea of your new space.

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Our clients are "In love" with their new shower room.

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